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Real life strategy, growth hacks, proven marketing advice and interviews of top leaders for boutique fashion industry businesses. Join Boutique Hub Founder, Ashley Alderson as she talks with retailers, boutiques, wholesale brands & vendors, industry insiders to bring you the proven, juicy secrets that have helped companies rise to the top, and balance life and business. Join the spirit of Community over Competition, and find the next idea or connection for your business. 


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May 29, 2018

MaCandis Boutique was open for more than 67 years, where Sara Burks, Director of Partnerships & Education at The Boutique Hub, started working in high school. Skip forward a few years, with a Masters in Business Administration Sara Burks purchased and operated the store for 20+ years.  

From managing your...

May 22, 2018

Creating your own clothing line isn’t for the faint of heart. BuddyLove founder Grayson DiFonzo has worked in fashion for years and even owned her own showroom repping other brands at Dallas Market Center before she ventured into designing. Developed out of a need to bring a unique taste to the boutique industry, she...

May 15, 2018

Repeat after me, “I NEED to analyze data for my boutique.”  There is a huge difference today in tracking data and analyzing the right data. Today, without having access to the quality information a robust POS system provides, you are operating in the dark. Today, we are diving into the top 5 reports you need to...

May 8, 2018

Matt and Amanda Kimes changed the face of denim in the western world in what seemed like an overnight success story. But it took years of work, finding a manufacturer that believed in them, a great team, and a relaunch. It was no easy task. Kimes Ranch was founded in 2009 and today has retailers in 10 countries, 64k...

May 1, 2018

It’s rare to hit $1 million in sales in your first year with a product you sewed at your kitchen table. Meredith Jurica did it and she continues to speed down the highway to success that few can get on. Hear how she built a magnetic brand that customers flock to, while she has simultaneously has kicked fear in the...